Monteverde Costa Rica Services

Monteverde Costa Rica Services

In Monteverde you will find most all the necessary services that you may need. Most services are avialable in the town of Santa Elena which serves the Monteverde area. (see map page)

INTERNET & EMAIL There are various Internet cafes in Santa Elena to go surf the web and get in contact with your relatives back home.

FOOD There are several places in Monteverde where you can find groceries. The best place is the “MEGASUPER”. For restaurants CHECK OUR recommendations

BANKING There are 3 banks in Santa Elena, the Banco Popular, Banco Nacional de Costa Rica Aand Banco de Costa Rica in cerro Plano and there are 4 ATM machines in town you can use.

TRANSPORTATION There are several ways to get in and out of Monteverde depending on where you are going or coming from.Check our transportation area for more detail

MEDICAL SERVICES There is a pharmacy is in town and the there is a clinic by the soccerfield

Look for all Monteverde Costa Rica Services like Gas Station and more in the Map

View Monteverdetravel Basic Services in a larger map Monteverde General Facts: Altitude: 4,592 feet above sea level. – Population: 5,400 inhabitants. – Temperature: 50 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Protected Area: 148,200 acres of continuously protected forest. – Plants: 2,500 species of plants – 400 species of orchids, including the smallest orchid in the world. – Animals:120 species of amphibians and reptiles, 100 species of mammals, 400 species of birds. Basic Services: bank, ATM, Internet, medical clinic, pharmacy, taxis, local buses and laundry service. More than a heaven for birdwatchers and nature lovers, Monteverde offers an assortment of exciting activities and adventures. Both the Monteverde Reserve and Santa Elena Reserve are open daily, and offer a similar array of flora and fauna. For those seeking a greater thrill, the canopy and suspension bridges provide safe, guided tours, allowing visitors to enjoy and observe the cloud forest from an elevated-perspective. However, you must remember that in Monteverde, exotic animals are in their undisturbed habitats, and that sighting them depends entirely on their natural activity, and on your own luck. Some of the smaller exotic species, such as spiders, and a variety of toads and insects, can be observed indoors at the World of Insects , the Snake Zoo , the Frog Pond , and the Monteverde Butterfly Garden . In such attractions, you receive a professional tour, and learn extensive details about the tropical creatures and their behaviors. Coffee Plantation , Cheese Factory , and Farm tours are also available in the area, which gives visitors direct exposure to local commerce and the way of life of Monteverde inhabitants and workers.