Monteverde Costa Rica Guided Tours

Monteverde Costa Rica Guided Tours.

We offer FOUR types oF natural guided tours: Monteverde Natural History Tour, Monteverde Bird Watching Tour, Monteverde Full Day Tour and Monteverde Night Tour and we use different private reserves in the area for this tour the location of the tour depends on the time of the year, animal migrations and behavior of the animals. our guides have the perice and experience to know we where the different animal of the area are being spot, so depending of the behavior of the animals and weather we will be taking you to any of the main reserves in the area Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve and Curicancha Cloud Forest Reserve.

You are contemplating a visit to Monteverde. You have dreamed of this trip to Monteverde and Costa Rica for years and now you are ready to do it  or just go back. There is a bewildering array of companies and websites offering Guided tour in Monteverde Costa Rica, all professing to be the best. How do you choose your tour?

You come to the experts.

With our local and up-to-date knowledge of Monteverde and tourism we are able to provide you with the best advice for a trip to Monteverde Costa Rica. We pride ourselves in giving you personalized, honest service. We know the key elements for a successful tour,  contact us to book a tour.


A visit to Monteverde is a superlearning experience. But all too often the trip falls short. Why? The naturalist guide. It is the Naturalist Guide which makes a trip. Your naturalist guide is there to provide information on the natural history of Monteverde and to maximize your enjoyment of the Area while making sure the park rules are upheld at the visitor site. There are over 100 NATURALIST GUIDES in Monteverde but only about 14% are university trained and experienced guides. And the vast majority do not have a professional command of the English language. These two factors mean that most visitors receive a superficial interpretation of the wildlife, geography, geology, history and conservation of Monteverde or find it difficult to understand the guide because of their accent or language. Most tour operators and websites offering guided tours in Monteverde state that they have the best guides, but don’t be fooled. You have a right to ask who your naturalist guide will be, whether he/she is a naturalist I, 2 or 3, and how many years experience they have.

Monteverde Travel Tours prides itself in using experienced, knowledgeable guides who are also fluent in English. Our guides have intimate knowledge of the Monteverde and Costa Rica Natural natural history, the ability to convey the information in a clear and entertaining manner, a healthy sense of humour, and the experience to show you the best of Monteverde Area. They also know the value the different reserves in the areas an take you where tha animals are being seing at the different times of the year

About the Monteverde Reserve:

In order to explain the Monteverde Costa Rica Guided Tours we offer fist we need to talk a little about the Monteverde Reserve, In 1972, under the threat of homesteading in the surrounding rain forest, visiting scientists George Powell and his wife joined forces with long-time resident Wilford Guindon to promote the establishment of a nature reserve. The Tropical Science Center was receptive to these efforts and accepted institutional responsibility for ownership and management of the protected areas. An initial land purchase of 328 hectares formed the initial core of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.

In 1975, the 554-hectare community watershed reserve, founded in the mid-60s by members of the Quaker community, was annexed under an administrative contract to the reserve. After the reserve’s creation, the Tropical Science Center continued to secure the financial and human resources necessary to expand, consolidate and properly protect and manage the non-profit rainforest reserve’s current 10,500 hectares.

Monteverde Costa Rica Guided Tours

The tour is essentially a natural history walk in which you will learn about the incredible diversity of flora and fauna and many of the unique relationships many cloud forest species have with each other. This walk normally takes about 3 hours.

Guides are equipped with a spotting telescope as well as binoculars and several informational guidebooks. Be sure to bring your cameras, as you can take pictures through the guide’s scope.

What to Bring: Comfortable clothing, hiking shoes, insect repellent, camera, water, raincoat.
What this Tour Includes Naturalist guide, entrance fees, transportation (if requested when booking).

Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve has available professional local guides, all of them have extensive knowledge about the Monteverde´s nature and history. If you are interested to learn the secrets behind the cloud forest we suggest you to take advantage of our guides who will provide you an unforgettable and educative experience.

Monteverde is a sanctuary for over 500 bird species, a paradise where the main stars are the majestic quetzal and three-wattle bellbird. Lovers of birds could take a bird watching tour every day, it starts at 6:00 am at the Reserve. The tour is on foot. The minimum group size is four, maximum is six. The tour takes 4 1/2 hours.

Monteverde Costa Rica Guided Tours

Schedule: 7:30am, 11:30am y 1:30pm

To visit Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve deserves to be a rich learning experience discovering the secrets of the exuberant cloud forest. Explore its biodiversity, where live more than 130 mammal species, over 500 birds, 120 species of amphibians and reptiles, more than 3000 species of plants which 500 are orchids besides thousands of insects.

After a 10-minute DVD presentation providing an introductory view of the cloud forest flora and fauna, an experienced nature guide will lead you on a 2 1/2-hour walk on MCFBR trails, where you can make your own in situ observations.

Schedule: 7:30am, 11:30am y 1:30pm