Monteverde Costa Rica Canyoning

Monteverde Costa Rica Canyoning Tour Price : $70

Tour Includes: Transportation to Monteverde Hotels, drink (water, beer, soda), bilingual guides, and canyoning gear.
Tour Duration:  2 hours.
What to bring: Dry light weight clothes that can get wet, tennis shoes or light hiking boots, towel, and change of clothes.

Important Requirements:* Tennis shoes/NO SANDLAS (we rent tennis shoes if needed). Kids 15 years or older are only permited and adults ages 50 and older need to be in good physical condition. We can take 1 to 30 people per tour. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY FAMILY AND KID FRIENDLY.

SPECIAL OFFER: Choose one option: Free lunch in Sabor Tico Restaurant, a free t-shirt or a CD with your canyoning tour photos.

Monteverde Canyoning, An Adventure of a Lifetime

Welcome to Monteverde Costa Rica Canyoning, Come experience an adventure of a lifetime in one of Mother Nature’s tropical waterfall fun parks!
We here at Monteverde canyoning are ready to provide you with a unique Canyoning/waterfall rappelling experience that you will never forget! Part of Monteverde Costa Rica Canyoning TM and Monteverde Tours TM

What is Canyoning?

canyoning-monteverde-costumersMonteverde Costa Rica Canyoning is a great way to get into the more inaccessible but beautiful places that form part of Monteverde´s stunning landscape. It is nature’s waterpark!

At the most basic level, canyoning is the practise of descending rivers and streams, using any combination of walking, climbing, abseiling (rappelling), ziplining, jumping and sliding. Canyoning Tour Monteverde Costa Rica is a natural water park, carved into stone and located in the wilderness. Anyone who loves sliding, jumping and playing in water, exploring, abseiling and technical problem solving will love canyoning. Descend the canyon, doing whatever is necessary to reach the bottom, whilst having a ball and marvelling at the rugged beauty of these inaccessible places.

Tour Description

canyoning-monteverde-costa-rica-talkMonteverdeTravel´s Canyoning Tour begins with a hike through one short path that is about 3-minutes long into a tropical rainforest. During your hike stay on the lookout for different animals and plants that the forest has to offer such as tropical plant, birds, monkeys, parrots, butterflies, and thousands of different kinds of plants and flowers.

Once you reach the starting point, your guides will fit you with rappelling (canyoning) equipment and explain the proper way to descent down the waterfall.

canyoning-monteverde-costa-rica-training Once you become comfortable with all the safety procedures you will start your adventure waterfall rappelling (canyoning) down the first waterfall into the beautiful canyon below. Every slope has a stationary security cable.

From here on out, there are a total of five more waterfalls. All six waterfalls are different and the tallest one measures 40 meters (131 feet). Once finished, your guides will hike back with you to the base camp.



This tour can be enjoyed by anyone in moderate physical condition. All guides are trained in Wilderness First Aid and CPR, and there are daily safety checks on all the equipment.

There are three tours each day. For more information, please see our schedules and reserve your spot here. BOOK WITH OUR RESERVATION FORM

The Ultimate Waterfall Rappel, Monteverde Costa Rica Canyoning Tour.

Monteverde Costa Rica Canyoning Tour experience includes 6 Rappels (6 waterfalls and 1 rock wall), Monkey Drop (zip line and rappel) and a Rock Climb in a beautiful rain forest slot canyon. This tour is for young & old and everything in between! Pure Trek Canyoning is the leader in Waterfall Rappelling in Costa Rica! We believe in doing one thing and being the best at it and for us, that’s Canyoning. Come enjoy this fun tour with great guides, spectacular views and beautiful trails throughout!
From children to adults and people with experience, you will have a blast!