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Beautiful sunny day in Monteverde, Christmas is in the air, view from our office in Santa Elena, Monteverde

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve Facts

This famous reserve, whose complete name is “Monteverde Biological Cloud Forest Reserve”, has very unique characteristics and boasts an invaluable ecosystem for the Costa Rica territory.

Some relevant facts are:
– 877 species of epiphytes in its land.
– The elevation range goes from 860mts. to 1840mts. at sea level.
– Its annual precipitation average is 2579mm, being October the rainiest month of the year and March the less one.
– It has an annual temperature of 18.8 centigrade degrees.
– Only the 3% of its total territory is used for tourism. The rest of the reserve is under strict protection.

During the last years it was qualified as one the seven natural wonders of Costa Rica, as an award of its history. Nowadays the reserve is an unconditional destination for all visitors than come to our country. Same way, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is worldwide recognized for preserving the animals and nature, classifying it asthe most famous cloud forest in the world.

The Tropical Scientific Center, an environmental organization with no commercial purposes, is who manage the reserve and from the beginning they have been assuring the necessaries financial and human resources to expand and consolidate more than 4.000 hectares that the reserve has.